Starting April 2 I will begin an internship with Strong by Nature owner Larisa Harrington, who is both a certified Yoga Therapist and a Certified Life Coach! I will also begin teaching two Strong by Nature weekly classes on Fridays: Gentle Yoga, as well as Strength & Stretch. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this new opportunity.

As some of you may know, within the next few years I intend to transition from part-time instructor to full-time instructor and yoga therapist. To that end, I am investigating yoga therapy certification programs to determine which program is the right fit for me. I am also studying for my Warriors at Ease Level 2 certification which will more fully prepare me to teach yoga and meditation in military and veteran communities

In the meantime, this internship will allow me the opportunity to work with a Warriors at Ease Instructor Trainer, veteran, as well as an extraordinary mentor and coach. After a few coaching sessions and one workshop with Larisa, I have already begun to reframe my strategy for moving forward with my career change.

If you are an impact maker who wants to find a sense of peace, check out the Strong by Nature class offerings and subscription packages. Your first class is free!

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